What Muzzle Brakes by MadHouse Design and Winchester .308 Have in Common?

You know you have a better chance of achieving accuracy during your shooting practice when you’ve equipped your firearm with a muzzle brake.

What is more, you are extremely proud of the fact that you are the only one who can drastically reduce recoil on the day you’ve decided to go for a practice run with your Winchester .308 rifle. Those around you were particularly impressed that you demonstrated less fatigue after firing numerous rounds.

It gets even better. You obtained your stainless steel triple-port muzzle brake from MadHouse Design who went to the trouble of doing the threading, ensuring its a perfect fit for your barrel, and offering a lifetime warranty.

What made you decide to settle for a .308 Winchester? Well, for one, you were thoroughly impressed that it has been the go to firearm for law enforcement precision shooting for most of the century. On further investigation, you discovered some interesting data about this long range heavy hitter that peeked your interest.

Some of you may remember the Spanish-American War. If you do, then you may recall that the forerunner of the .308, which was the .30-06 Springfield, were born out of the military’s experience back then. Unfortunately, it found itself outgunned by the Mauser wielding troops from the opposition.

Having said that, during the early years when the Americans rose from being seen as internationally irrelevant to being a superpower, it was mainly due to the fact that they had the .30-06 strapped to their backs. That says a lot about the forerunner of the .308 Winchester.

During the late 60s, the .308 was downgraded to a sniper cartridge where it continuously served in the Marine Corps and the army’s M24 as autoloading sniper rifles. After some time, various U.S. military units transitioned the .308 for long range use. Since then, it remained a workhorse and served the purposes of snipers and marksmen.

The rest like they say is history. Especially when the common man started realizing the value of stocking Winchester .308 rifles. They soon discovered that it was child’s play to hit steel at 500 yards while a 1,000-yard shot was within easy reach which made use of suitable equipment such as muzzle brakes and made it their business to hone their shooting skills.

As with anything, one would want to make progress and experiment with better performing firearms such as the top four choices by top-level shooters who were polled during 2015 on the cartridge they would settle for. These were the 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, and also the 6×47 Lapua.

As far as the .308 Winchester is concerned, some folks trained with it when they started out in sniper school. But, even here they progressed to a .300 and never touched another .308 in training or real world engagements. The only difference was when they were in need of an auto-loading weapon like the SR-25/MK11 as it adds versatility to an urban environment where the shot would be closer, and one rifle like the .308 would be regarded as an advantage.

But, somehow just like the popular muzzle brakes by brands like MadHouse Design, the .308 holds it own as many folks still swear by the effectiveness of this firearm as a long range rifle. Besides, a mountain of ammunition is always available, which include match loads. What is nice about the .308 is that it hits hard and cycles well during semi-automatic firing when it achieves superior accuracy. Then again, the barrel of the .308 gun lasts just about forever.

You would have noticed that we referred to MadHouse Design’s triple-port muzzle brake a couple of times. What about it do you think attracts people to this particular brake.

We can tell you that first and foremost is the ability to stay on target no matter what.

Secondly is its ability to perform under the most stringent conditions thanks to it compact and sleek design features.

It seems to be natural to opt for the triple-port range by MadHouse Design when fast and accurate shooting is required. Furthermore, it severely reduces recoil due to it dispersing gasses laterally through its three precision ports that also ensures minimal blow back.

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