Risky Marketing Techniques SEO Portland Focuses On

What is the biggest productivity killer for any business owner? You’ve got it right – Fear!

Some businesses know what produces the best results, but are too afraid to implement them. They’d much rather spend time doing what is safe, like doing their accounting or making sure there is enough stock in the event of new orders coming in. These type of distractions are not helping anybody regarding revenue earned.

Some marketers again who’ve learned what works will go to a lot of trouble to avoid the riskier and hard to implement online marketing techniques that work. They’ll even go as far as to say that they’ve tried this and that, but nothing seems to work.

On the other hand, SEO Portland, OR specialists not only know which marketing tactics work they best, but they implement it.

Marketing Techniques That Works for You

Firstly, If you want the inside scoop as to what your customers want, you have to talk to them.

Let me ask you this? Do you like speaking to someone on the phone who you do not know? The majority of people will tell you straight out that they hate it, or they don’t particularly care to listen to what the person on the phone has to say.  This is exactly why most businesses favor online marketing as there is no need to go to a meeting, make phone calls, or be in the office to receive calls. In other words, there is no need for any interaction.

The thing is once reputed Search Engine Marketing specialist like Moving Mountains Advisors helped you to optimize your landing page or Facebook page; it is time to get out of your comfort zone and talk to your target audience. You can do it via Skype or by phone.

Why do you need to do this? Because there is no better way to understand fully what your target market wants unless you speak with them.

Secondly, make an offer that is hard to refuse.

When you think of the first step (talking to your audience), why would they want to spend maybe 10 to 20 minutes on the phone with you? Simply, because they’ll get something out of it. Hardly anyone nowadays has time to talk as a favor to you.

Why don’t you offer them a free lunch if you’re a local? Over Skype or on the phone, you could say that you will pay $10 or $20 into their Paypal account. Or, it could take the form of giving them a free sample of your product. This is what we call clever marketing. They will soon agree to talk to you.

Now, that you have that out of the way, you can highlight the main features of your product in the shortest time possible, and ask them how they view your niche or what their favorite products are. It is a case of leaving the conversation with concrete answers as to how you can make your products better or customize it to attract more sales in the future.

As your products will also be displayed on your website, you better insure that it is up to scratch, and the payment gateways are in proper working order for you to take orders. Optimizing your site for the search engines are just as important as your new prospects will most likely refer others to you based on what you have to offer. A properly optimized site will rank well and impress any future followers, knowing they are dealing with an authority based on your page rank.

You may want to record what is being said by the person you are interviewing so you do not miss valuable marketing information you can implement.

Another great marketing strategy is to become a thought leader.

Your prospects need to see you as an expert in your Niche. In this regard, you should have some brilliant ideas and thoughts lined up that are not only seen as smart, but new. Part of the process is to be respected within your local community as an authority and someone who is out to make a difference in other people’s lives. You have to get this message out ahead of your competition. It can be done online. However, it is a slower process.

A faster way would be to speak at conferences.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for your online presence to be up to scratch and well optimized, so you do not end up disappointing future customers of yours. Moving Mountains Advisors have a team of online advertising experts who can advise you as to the right marketing techniques. Make a point of speaking to them.

SEO Trends for 2018

SEO Trends for 2018

Today’s businesses have an edge compared to businesses of the past due to the fact that they have access to large market base because of the advancements in technology.  In the past businesses used to advertise through pamphlets and fliers, but with the development of technology they can now use websites to market themselves.  Businesses have to depend on search engines for them to get a higher number of potential clients.  Search engines such as Google help on the marketing part.  However, one has to feed the search engines with updates so that they offer timely, personalized and accurate information to customers. In the event that you feel that your site has been performing poorly, it is in all likelihood that you have used the most recent patterns in SEO.  One as to set their sites to be consistent with the evolving patterns.

A couple of notable SEO Trends to Consider for Optimum Ranking on SERPs :

Google AMP is a new project developed and built by Google which helps in building user-friendly websites that can be used by individuals.As per the latest developments in the Technology world, a lighter version of HTML is in high demand.With the old websites taking more time to load web pages, the AMP pages have made it faster to load web pages by loading faster compared to the old web site pages.

Redirects are Again In the Picture

With the changing technology, the redirects have been re-introduced back in the game.  In recent declarations by giant technology company Google, it reported that redirects would no longer contribute to SEO leaks.  They stated that websites could start using 3XX redirects when they were ranking their websites.

Social Media Redirection

Today’s world very many people are active on the Social Media.  Social Media has made the world a small place where people can communicate when they are miles away.  Google as being able to link websites to social sites such as Linkedin, G+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.  The more reviews and likes a website is able to get the more the traffic is directed towards their individual website.  Social media is transforming the world of business in a great manner.

Quality Content

Today Google requires you to provide quality content instead of providing keyword stuffed articles like in the past.  The quality content offers informative information and not promotional information.

Improving Voice Search

Google has discovered that every 5 or more searches come from a voice query.The use of Voice-activated smart speakers has been increasing due to the improvement in technology.Google has introduced Google Assistant to Android Devices.More and more people will start utilizing voice search for timely search queries.